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About Knuckles and Bones
Knuckles and Bones is an old Aggramar guild, It was formed by three RL friends and initially only RL friends were invited. KnB is not a raiding guild, we are a guild that raids :) We do Drunken Heroics (and Raids), poke fun at our friends, and generally arse about like there was no tomorrow. The average age of our members should be in the (very) late 20´s or early 30's (mostly because Zanibaa is such an old fart).
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Can you spell progress?

by Raptorcorps, 2463 days ago

In another extended raid we managed to clear Dreamwalker, Putricide, Blood Council and we are proud to say we can also add Bloodqueen to that list.

Pics will follow soon enough, for now, feel proud and only 2 to go!

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Spring Fling

by Caedric, 2492 days ago

After a second extended raid ID aided by an upgraded ICC buff (also known as "yes we did balance 10man content after 25man gear AGAIN") and a better ranged to melee balance The Blood Council and Professor Putricide finally bite the dust. The Council in nigh on picture perfect manner while Putricide is a bit more of an edge case. Still consistent pulls to 4-5% and a kill after 3 attempts gives us lots of hope.

Next up... Blood Queen I think.

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by Caedric, 2497 days ago

Out of the dusk a shadow,
Then a spark;

Out of the cloud a silence,
Then a lark;

Out of the heart a rapture,
Then a pain;

Out of the dead, cold ashes,
Life again.

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Extended raid finally pays off

by Raptorcorps, 2498 days ago

Last night we decided to extend our raid ID to have a serious go at getting dreamwalker back to her feet.

The first couple of pulls were close and stressy but in the end we managed to pull it off.

I would like to congratulate everyone attending! Well done by everyone!

Also grats to jackjames and madide for getting new shineys!

We will try to sort another run this sunday to poke at putricide and bloodcouncil.

This Raid ID will be extended at least one more week next wednesday to have a little more time with the previous mentioned encounters.


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Sometimes things go wrong

by Zanibaa, 2579 days ago

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He will sooooon die!

(there is a pic, just that my domainprovider is gone atm.)

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Hibernal Hell Ya!

by Caedric, 2599 days ago

Deathbringer Saurfang is laid to rest. I won't claim it was pretty I won't claim we had great margins infact I won't say much at all except the fact that he is dead. Seeing as we barely scrape by and still get the odd Made a mess achievement I have to say it seems to me it would be harder to get more marks and still kill him. Either tuning is off or someone had a brain fart with that one.

Major grats to Galileo who got new bracers (shakes fist) and to Kargroth for getting a nice new staff. In other news pretty much every boss dropped hunter loot yet again while Torguk remains useless and smelly (no I don't want your stinking 251 loot I haz it, look my new sparklies are ugleh I must complain).

Let's hope we can get a repeat performance next raid and tick the farm box. The really good news is that Lady Deathwhisper was a lot more solid even if we messed it up we still had a minute on the enrage timer which is a big improvement.

And umm screeshots are for sissies.

Oh yes and I thought I'd make something clear, you lot know I on occasion in no uncertain terms explain just how much we suck when we hit enrage timers or similar external limits. While that's still true you can take heart that even with our just at bare minimum damage output for Saurfang we have still killed him in 9 pulls. The fact that we raid once a week really has more to do with our time to kill than our suckiness.

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Hibernal Huzzah!

by Caedric, 2620 days ago

While the titles of these posts become increasingly strained the content follows a certain path.

The first three bosses in ICC 10 fall to the combined weakness of KnB. In all honesty the fights are not that complex but they shift the complexity from the traditional tank / healer ones to more straight DPS considerations. While the gunship battle is essentially free loot (gief cloak) both Lady Deathwhisper and Deathbringer Saurfang are basically DPS races, we are by a rough estimate about 4k collective DPS short of an easy Saurfang drop and the Lady is fixed by better coordination and target handling (which we did rather well if I do say so myself).

Marrowgar is merely a "pay attention" kind of fight with no enrage timer and no real bothers except mild target switching for the DPS and healers. All in all a few more direct DPS upgrades for our pool of common DPSers and we should get Saurfang too.

As usual these posts appear while I work so screenshots will have to wait until tonight.

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Autumnal Perpession

by Caedric, 2663 days ago

After some actual hardship and a *GASP* trash repop Vezax is laid to rest. This leaves Yogg himself (as Algalon is a ways off) and we are pretty much done with current 10man content. Very well done all involved past and present.

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by Zanibaa, 2664 days ago

For you that wonders what Octo does when he´s not tanking.
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Autumnal Accession

by Caedric, 2669 days ago

First of all yes it's still autumn secondly accession to the Treaty of getting Ulduar Cleared in the year of our madness 2009 (if anyone was even wondering).

Yesterday after hours of ceaseless wiping (hehe two weeks for the imp caves is all I'm saying). Mimiron bites the dust. Well done everyone. Vezax should be no problem and Yogg will be classically fun. As soon as I find someone who was wise enough to screenshot the actual kill this post might be updated. If not you'll have to make do with Octogenarian wistfully looking at the red button.

As per request comedy screenie used for the time being.

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And the wistful one...

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